If you want to bring new life to your kitchen and impress your loved ones and friends, our latest Talavera
handmade bowl is made for you!
Featuring a white and light blue base with vibrant flower details, this stunning bowl is a work of art in its
own right. Carefully designed using traditional techniques by skilled artisans, the intricate hand-painted
design showcases the traditional Talavera style, adding a touch of cultural charm to your daily routine.
This bowl will be a perfect fit for any kitchen or table for any special occasion. Even if you want to
exquisite your favourite soups, salads, cereals, or want to serve snacks to guests, this Talavera bowl brings
the rich cultural heritage of Mexican ceramics to your dining experience.
Each bowl is handmade, meaning no two are exactly alike, and therefore all the more special and unique.
Made with locally sourced clay, this durable bowl is dishwasher-safe, making it practical and easy to
clean. All of our Talavera pottery ornaments are sourced from independent traders throughout Mexico, and we
are committed to supporting their crafting traditions by making these extraordinary pieces available in the UK.
Authentic Latin American charm from the Artesano de Mexico Kitchen and Tableware collection.

Product Information:
Material: Glazed Clay
Use: Dishwasher Safe
Region of Origin: Dolores Hidalgo


Length: 16 cm

Width: 16 cm

Height: 5 cm


Weight: 0.45 kg